Lawyers Professional Liability

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Lawyers, more than other professions, have a higher professional liability  exposure with each client they represent. “Better to be safe than sorry” especially holds true when it comes to being properly covered for actual or perceived errors or omissions in your delivered legal services.

No lawyer or law firm is immune to malpractice claims. If a lawsuit occurs, you face defense expenses on one side, and potentially large settlements or jury verdicts on the other side.

Make sure you have assessed your practice specialties and their potential liabilities with your insurance broker. We are experience insurance providers with over 30 years in the business, we can help you with this detailed review. After the assessment, an insurance plan can be outlined to properly protect your assets and business.

Lawyers Proferssional Liability Insurance
  ■  LPL – Errors and Omissions

Plus we offer tailored plans for the following :
■  Workers Compensation Insurance
■  Business Owners Insurance
■  Directors & Officers Liability Insurance
■  Key Person Life Insurance
■  Umbrella Liability Insurance
■  Commercial Auto Insurance

Our professional team can help you go through a thorough insurance assessment. Please give us a call for an evaluation of your business.

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