Biotech and Life Science insurance in California

It has become more important than ever to make sure your company has the proper life science insurance whether your company is in the R&D stage of a biotech start up or your company is a well established life science medical technology provider. As news of biotech companies become some of the best performers in the S&P 500, million dollar payouts seem like a good bet for some and hiring a lawyer is easier than ever.

By hiring Bozzuto Insurance Services as your life science insurance broker, we’ll help you get a plan that includes more than just general liability insurance and property insurance. Being in business for over 30 years, we work with the top life sciences insurance carriers and can make sure you have the special coverages that a biotech company should have.

Professional E & O and Directors and Officers Liability insurance

The number of lawsuits keeps rising year after year and unfortunately, many of the directors and upper management of life science companies are being sued directly for anything and everything, from alleged harassment to security fraud to misrepresentations about product safety. You will want to make sure your top-level executives and directors are covered.

Umbrella and Excess Liability Insurance

Besides protecting the directors and management from lawsuits, there are specific biotech insurance policy riders that can be added to handle special risks that are not normally covered under the general liability insurance policy. These include covering:

  • Research & Development phase
    • Phase 1 Clinical trials
    • Phase 2 Clinical trials
    • Phase 3 Clinical trials
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Mobile medical devices
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors
  • Drug wholesalers
  • Testing laboratories
  • Research Only
  • Biological research
  • Personalized genomic medicine
  • Genetic testing and diagnostics

When you’re ready, call us at 800-989-8712 or contact us online. We can guide you through your biotech insurance assessment. Our team is ready and experienced in developing a thorough biotech insurance program for non-profit organization, private or public life science companies.

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